Since 2016, we have supported 35 life science startups.
The startups below are currently enrolled in the ProHealth Growth Programme

Adamant Health offers better quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. The novel and innovative technology enables accurate analysis of movement disorders in home environment.

ANISON develops natural compounds and small molecules for targeted treatment of HPV-associated warts and cancers respectively. The team has formulated a plant-based extract as a cream or ointment to be effective in treating all kind of warts including common, plantar and genital warts. Warts are caused by HPV, and the active component in the extract has been shown to be specifically effective against HPV by targeting the underlying cause. The project is in the development phase and a startup is planned to be established in 2020.

AVECIN-Biopharma Ltd. is a cosmeceutical company focusing on development of exosome cell-free technology to stimulate and regenerate natural tissue restoration, intended to be used in repair of damaged or lost tissue as well as skincare and hair restoration applications.

Brinter® is the culmination of years of 3D printing expertise and bioresearch. We provide comprehensive 3D bioprinting solutions and services for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries, universities, and research facilities. Brinter® Bioprinters are always custom-built for clients’ specific applications and needs.

ENDOMET is a diagnostic tool based on machine learning that provides risk assessment of endometriosis disease among women with abdominal pain symptoms. The tool supports decision-making by the physicians by combining both clinical features and biomarker data. It also has a platform for self-evaluation, and physicians can use it to predict disease recurrences. A startup is planned to be established in 2020.

Capsamedix Oy develops devices for long-term oral drug delivery to replace pills, injections, and implants in applications where medication may cause adverse effects or patients have difficulties in remembering to take medication. The technology allows administering drugs locally for oral diseases and through oral mucosa into the systemic circulation for systemic and localized diseases.

Finnadvance Oy develops disease-on-chip for drug discovery and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery. This lowers costs by reducing the need for animal studies. The chips are used to find potential drug candidates for rare diseases and to study efficacy and response. This work will eventually lead to the development of real personalized medicines.

Midifi Oy starts its first business concept thru Estonian and Finnish pharmacies. This service assists the patient in obtaining prescription drugs and / or prescription drugs at the desired time and location.

Midify Oy is developing a completely personal approach to deliver healthcare services to patients everywhere at every time all over Europe. In six words “it’s a fingertip medicine everywhere at every time”.

Nordic Fit Mama is an award winning, 6-week online training programme that helps women to recover from post-baby body in a safe way with the support of trained professionals. The programme brings the world’s best maternity healthcare to the reach of all moms digitally and effortlessly. All exercises are medically approved and recommended by gynecologists, midwives and physiotherapists. 

Giving moms support after pregnancy and childbirth will prevent incontinence problems, back pains and even organ prolapses. Investing in maternity healthcare, a society can avoid surgeries and special healthcare, and encourage families to take care of their wellbeing.

Electrically assisted RoboRollo walker collects information of the daily movements of elderly people to be used by therapists and physicians for assist their decision-making. The RoboRollo cloud service with AI uses sensor-based health data to build a model for early detection of potential future hazards and possible health issues. RoboRollo helps to maintain muscular fitness by keeping the user active.

Visionisti Oy is a privately owned R&D company, specializing in ophthalmic drug delivery. The company is developing and commercialising patented devices for posterior segment suprachoroidal injections.