Medtech Forum seminar – Commercialising Med Tech Innovation Post-Brexit

The changes in the Medical Device and the In Vitro Diagnostics landscape along with Brexit have caused various levels of uncertainty when it comes to taking innovative products to market. For this reason, this seminar is arranged Monday 15th March at 20:00 – 21:30 EET

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The context for this joint UK Innovation Corridor – One Nucleus seminar is the dynamic situation when it comes to the changing regulatory environment being encountered when taking new medical technology products to market in the UK and Europe, requiring careful negotiating by innovative companies. In addition to the pandemic shining a spotlight on the role the sector plays, and hence the now recognised opportunities, in dealing with such challenges, Brexit adds another layer to an already changing regulatory process. The speakers will present the key updates regarding the regulatory and legal framework med tech companies are now being asked to operate within, followed by and open Q&A session to explore and specific issues raised.