Health Turku’s unique innovation environment – Werstas Labs and other services for life-science companies

Werstas Labs is a co-working space in the Turku Science Park area, that offers not only standard office services, but also access to joint laboratories, a balance room and includes equipment maintenance. Membership options are several: mobile, which enables the use of shared spaces, a private office room or a private lab room.

Werstas Labs offers the only service of such kind in Finland, enabling a unique work environment for young start-ups in the life-science field, that are in the product development phase. In this way, life-science start-ups can be part of a larger business community and, for example, participate in joint networking events.

– The facilities at Werstas Labs are ideal when the company is in the growth phase and product development phase. The premises are not suitable for production purposes, says Hanna Halme, who works in Labs as a contact person for Turku Science Park Ltd.

ProHealth Growth Programme

Premises and access to laboratory equipment is not the only help start-ups and companies can receive in the Turku region. The ProHealth Growth Programme is a tailor-made national growth programme that supports healthcare companies in their business development and helps them reach their growth targets.

ProHealth Growth is based on a yearly cycle of themed workshops, and it accepts new teams several times during the cycle. This means that the programme is always open for new applications. The programme has been running since 2016 and 38 start-ups related to life science have already been supported.

The power of synergy

Turku Business Region and its HealthTurku cluster offer a unique backdrop, as universities, companies and the city interact in the same area closely with each other. The location of the University Central Hospital also strengthens the region’s position as a competence centre. Students cooperate with companies during their studies, which creates important contacts for working life. The regional development company Turku Science Park Ltd. offers diverse services for entrepreneurs and companies. The Turku region’s business and innovation activities and the best services for entrepreneurs and companies can be found at Turku Business Region website.

– We jointly develop a regional innovation culture, as there is strong synergy between the actors of the HealthTurku cluster. Research and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, and the best new innovations can emerge from the occasional encounters of the people who work here. There are large life-science sector players in HealthTurku, who have created so-called spin-outs, i.e. some part of the business, has developed into its own product and a company has been established around it. These companies now also operate in Werstas Labs. If a start-up life-science company is looking for business premises and needs a laboratory, Werstas Labs is definitely worth keeping in mind, concludes Hanna Halme.

Visit the webpages for more information on the Turku Business Region, the ProHealth Growth Programme and Werstas Labs.