Brinter pushing the frontier of medical science with 3D bioprinting

Brinter aims to revolutionise the manufacturing of personalised drugs and printed organ transplants with newly raised capital.

The Turku-based bioprinting start-up received €1.2M in funding from the venture capital investor Innovestor. The company will use the capital to further expand its operations internationally in Europe and the US. Brinter boldly aims to put bioprinting within reach of every pharmaceutical company, hospital, university, and research center.

Medical research facilities and universities often still rely on traditional methods of discovery in the research of new drugs, understanding diseases, and finding medical ways to help people.

“Bioprinting has the capability to rapidly unlock the opportunities behind long-running but unrealized science and research. This will result in an improved quality of life for patients through the expansion of more personalized treatment and the ongoing development of bioprinted “spare parts” that can save lives,” explains Brinter CEO Tomi Kalpio.

Brinter launched its first product in 2019, and is currently active in over 10 countries, including Germany and the UK. In 2020, Brinter was selected as one of the top eight 3D bioprinting companies in the world.

“Brinter is an exemplary success story of a promising start-up, and we are thrilled that the company is participating in the ProHealth Growth Programme, which provides a boost and support to Brinter’s successful business development”, tells Hanna Halme, Growth Advisor at Turku Science Park Ltd.

The Finnish national ProHealth Growth Programme is coordinated by Turku Science Park Ltd and offers enrolled companies webinars and one-on-one coaching, sourcing from programme’s strong network of individuals and companies with deep experience and wide-ranging Life Science competencies in fields like development, patenting, commercialization, legal, regulatory, quality and financials. More information about the programme: