AstraZeneca Open Innovation: CoSolve challenges – Finding bold and innovative solutions to transform patients’ lives

AstraZeneca has opened the next round of its global, virtual Open Innovation challenge, CoSolve.  

Through CoSolve, they aim to break down the traditional barriers to collaboration to find ideas that are immediately translatable and can help address real challenges faced by their R&D teams today.  

AstraZeneca is currently looking for innovative solutions to the following challenges:  

  • Novel molecular insights into metabolic disease  
  • Gut microbiome modification to influence renal dysfunction 
  • Molecular strategies to minimize off-target toxicities of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) 
  • Innovative vaccine technologies to enable the development of a universal HRV vaccine 
  • Novel solutions for the non-invasive detection and monitoring of NASH 

AstraZeneca is looking for collaborators from startups and early-stage biotechs with expertise in these specialized areas, who can bring innovative ideas that can be rapidly translated into tangible solutions.  

The submission deadline is 31st Jan 2022. More details about the program, the challenges, and the submission process can be found directly on the AstraZeneca open innovation challenge website HERE.


Get in touch directly with AstraZeneca by emailing: Kelly Gray or Rob Albert